For users, Instagram is the best place. It is the place of inspiration for home decor, clothing, delicious recipes, an inside look at the celebrity’s lifestyle, keeping with the friends, and almost everything. That is why Instagram is also great for advertisers exactly. The possibilities on Instagram for users and brands are endless. You can inspire action directly with your brand and business from the application, display our features or products for your followers, and run an ad for awareness. To directly interact with your business and brands through direct messages and comments, Instagram has a multi-built way. For Instagram’s marketing strategy, Instagram stories are one of the most powerful features. 

Instagram stories format was added in the year 2016. Buy Instagram story views for better engagement for your brands and businesses. Many releases and additions have allowed the users to flex their creative thing for better engagement and better branding. Here are some hacks for an Instagram story all the way from some more basic feature designs to pro and lesser-known features and formats:

  • Repost Instagram stories
  • Try the fun accessories of Instagram
  • Experiment with different fonts
  • Customizing with colors
  • For the required size, optimize your image
  • Spend some time editing your every story on Instagram


This may not look like a hack, but it is straightforward: if you are posting a story on Instagram, you should also be taking some more time to make edits that make it much more interesting for your followers and audiences. There are so many ways that you can make your colors, text, and images stand out on Instagram stories.

Here are a quick rundown of the available various editing tools in the interface and how those editing tools are working.

Save – this icon is known as the save icon; it will let you save the picture you are working on, whether it includes the edits that you have done or if it is just a picture itself. If you have added in any music or gifs, automatically, it will save as a video.

Filter – lets you add some of the Virtual Reality filters that are accessible while taking a video or images.

Linking – this lets you link something to your Instagram story like website links. But you only include a link to your Instagram only if you have more than 10k followers on Instagram.

Accessories – this will allow you to include additional stickers and engagement features; it also can be accessed by swiping up from the screen “editor.”

Drawing –  this icon lets you add in drawings or handwritten text using a couple of available erasers and brushes. You can also use the color tool section.

Text – this icon lets you assign text to your Instagram story, and you can also add text by tapping anywhere on the screen. 

Try to familiarize yourself with these editing tools so thta you can make your Instagram stories more interactive and appealing.