Learn some easiest and best ways you can do to grow your brand engagement on Instagram and all other various steps to calculate your Instagram engagement rate. If you are using the Instagram app for your brand, you know Instagram is more than an application for liking and saving all your product pictures. Instagram is a powerful and useful tool for cultivating viewers and growing your brand online. Instagram has more than one billion monthly active users. Instagram is a social media app with the possibility of ROI( return of investment). 

But keep in mind that you just do not need followers; you must need engagement. It would be best to get more engagement rates if you had likes, shares, comments, and savings. We provide you Instagram comments services, and you can get  automatic Instagram likes monthly  to get more engagement for your Instagram account to expand your brand awareness. 

Engagement on Instagram is over than calculating your followers, likes, and views. Engagement is about calculating the better interactions that users make with your posts. On the Instagram app, engagement is just calculated by a range of below metrics:

  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • DMs
  • Click-throughs
  • Branded hashtags
  • Mentions – (untagged or tagged).
  • Growth¬†
  • Followers

The above metrics are shown that users do not just see your posts but are lively interested in your content. And the strong engagement rate is the primary key factor in the algorithm of Instagram. The superior the engagement rate, the more likely it is to boost Instagram’s newsfeed posts, attracting attention and more eyes.

Your Instagram engagement rate calculates the quantity of interaction a post attracts compared to your reach or followers. There are various methods to get to the engagement rate. You might compute an engagement rate by followers, by reach, or by impressions. It totally depends upon your social media marketing goals.


It is very hard to create the best content if you do not know for whom you are making content. The Insatgram demographics of your target users will help you to define your brand or business voice, what time to publish, what day to publish, and the type of content you post.

On social media, it is superior to be relatable and honest, and polished perfectly. Share posts that go beyond experiences behind your brand and your marketing campaign to launch true audiences. That might be taking ownership of any mistakes, writing an Instagram caption that discloses a sense of humor, or behind-the-scenes footage in an Instagram story.

Instagram is a visual platform. You have to create eye-catching and creative posts. And you can also create carousel posts. Carousel is nothing but a multi-image Instagram post. Carousel posts are one of the great ways to build more engagement. It will make your engagement rate really high. Video is both engaging and eyecatching. Instagram video posts get a 38% engagement rate than image posts. There are tons of tools that help you merge scenes with text or music, download paid or free video editing applications. Write strong Instagram captions to your posts, whether it is video or images. Instagram can be up till 2200 characters long, and Instagram allows you to add up to thirty hashtags. Good caption showcase and add context to your brand’s personality.

If your audience saves your content in their collection, you can earn a little bit of an engagement boost. Using Instagram Live features to stream a live video is the best way to build engagement, share news, and directly connect with audiences. Posting pics of products is a little bit old, but Quizzes, questions, polls, and contests encourage your target users directly to be active and get involved.