There are over 25 million businesses on Instagram, so that competition is very high. If your current strategy of marketing does not include Instagram impression, please include receive Instagram impressions and the Instagram platform for your business marketing strategy online. Let’s see some statistics of the Instagram platform;

  • More than two million advertisers are regularly using Instagram for their brands and businesses.
  • The top hundred businesses and brands have seen more and higher rate of engagement on the social media platform that is grown by fifty-three percent on the basis of year by year.
  • The average rate of engagement is 4.3% on Instagram, compared to 0.17% of Facebook.
  • Nearly 67% of the Instagram users say that they specifically use the Instagram application for interactions with the business and brands.
  • Every day over 500 million Instagram stories are now posted. The average engagement rate of the Instagram stories is 7 percent. 
  • Ninety percent of the Instagram users say that they use the social media network platform Instagram for following their most interested and most likely people.
  • The topmost interest of Instagram users is food and drinks, which is 43%, music, which is 44%, and travel, which is 45%.

Before entering into the business essentials of Instagram, you have to set your target on the social media platform, and then ask your audience ;

  • Why are you o the social media platform Instagram?
  • What is yours, and what do you want to achieve?
  • How will your channel on Instagram is different from your channel on Facebook?

Incorporate your strategy of social media marketing into Instagram before you are going to start posting with the clear and great style guidelines.     


Make sure that you are choosing a business profile when you download the Instagram application and create an account. If you have created an Instagram personal account, you can switch from a personal account to a business account by using the settings option. For accessing that feature, click on the setting and go to the account option and then select “switch to a professional account.”  Unless you save the opera browser as an option on your desktop, you cannot use the Instagram application sequentially on the laptop. You are entering the name of your businesses so that you can see the profile associated with your brands and business. Create a unique name for your Instagram username.  The profile picture of your account will be related to your brand logo or business logo. The profile picture will automatically crop into the circle.  You can create a  bio on Instagram up to 150 characters. The main goal on Instagram is to get comments for your posts. Make your followers comment on your posts, whether it is a photo, video, or boomerangs. Instagram lets you add five Instagram accounts, and it let the user switch from one account to another account easily without logging out and logging in.  for adding more account, just click on the “+ Add account” option on your Instagram profile.