Are you one among the crowd waiting for your post to have more TikTok shares, if so then you must be left thinking? How to get more hearts on Tik Tok? Or How tp become the celebrity on TikTok? To answer these questions just scroll down the articles for a better understanding. Well, the most famous personalities on TikTok didn’t get their hearts or followers overnight! 

#1 Post Original content:

If you post the same old and boring content as others do then there is no difference that followers might get fascinated with your content. As a result, you won’t be able to reach your followers. TikTok is one of the apps where you can post the lip-syncing or dancing videos or musical posts. Also, make sure to create content in such a way that it attracts a bunch of followers at any cost. Followers might be interested for your costumes or happy about your performances. Think about your unique style and fashion sense that differs from each video that sometimes grabs enough TikTok hearts. By posting the content alone you won’t be able to get views moreover buy TikTok shares to get more views.

#2 Plan for the routine updates for your post:

If you are not posting on a regular basis. Then how would people know about you or your videos on TikTok? You don’t necessarily require to post the content on every single day, just you need to plan a perfect schedule for posting your content every time!

Posting an alternative day or once a week is an excellent way to begin. When users follow a creator, they would expect to check the regular content. But if you haven’t posted for a long time then you’ll lose your followers.

#3 Team up with Famous personality:

Collaborating with renowned users is one of the great ways to get more TikTok hearts and gain more followers. TikTok duets help you to perform with other users without having to meet them in person.

#4 Import the latest Hashtags  and Trends:

Use hashtags that help to signify your trending topics! Create unique content that takes part in trending challenges to make your most excited and fun-filled. Build up the unique video content for the trending topic which will be varied from others. You can also gain more hearts swiftly from the followers!