11 Essential Instagram Statistics That Everyone Should know in 2021

Instagram is the fastest growing marketing app in the world. Many businesses have an interest in promoting their brand on Instagram. If you’re a new marketer, you should know the importance of Instagram and its facts. 

In this guide, we will thoroughly explain Instagram statistics and performance. Indeed, it helps to enhance your business on this platform. 

Are you interested? 

1. Instagram is one of the most downloaded apps in the Apple store app:

In the Apple store, most apps are downloaded in 2020, including Instagram. It’s an excellent indication that Instagram is frequently attracting customers to enhance their brand. 

2. Instagram is the top 8most downloaded app in the world:

In the digital world, everyone is using smartphones in daily life. And everyone has committed to internet life by using all social media. Upon the 2020 survey, Instagram is in the top 8 downloaded applications. 

3. Instagram every month usage:

Approximately 1 billion people use Instagram per month, which is considered the second ranked traditional social media platform. It has infinitely active users behind Facebook. Finally, Instagram got 5th place behind Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, and WeChat. 

4. 500 Million Users Using Instagram Story Views: 

Instagram story views are a huge part of brand success. According to the report, half a million people are posting stories on their account. Now, you will clear story views as the most important part for brands. Increasing Instagram story views helps to enhance your brand views and makes you popular. 

5. 89% of Instagram Users are Outside of the US:

Instagram has more than a billion active users, but 140 million users are only located in the US. The rest of the audience from India, Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, etc. Still, China hasn’t used Instagram. 

6. Instagram will reach 140 million users in the US:

Upon the statistics, only the US has a huge number of audience on Instagram. Compared in 2019, 5.4% has increased the user’s percentage. In future predictions, 117.2 million US users will use Instagram. 

7. Instagram is one of the fastest-growing platforms in Canada:

Recently, Instagram growth is highly expensive in Canada. Based on the stats,

  • In 2018, 20.4% growth
  • In 2019, 7.3% growth (11.8 million users)

Future predicts the upcoming growth in Canada is 14.3 million users in 2023. 

8. 63% of Instagram users login to their account:

Most people spend their free time on Instagram. Approximately 42% of people check their Instagram multiple times per day. 16% of the audience logged in to this app once per week. 

So, if you want to post on Instagram, check the best time to post. Because for that time, people spend more time on Instagram. 

9. On ordinary people spends on Instagram:

Based on eMarketer predictions, a person spends 27minutes in 2019 on Instagram. Surely, it will increase in 2020 up to 28 min to 30 min. Slightly, Instagram will grasp the audience in the future. 

10. Business Profile on Instagram:

Almost 200 million Instagram audiences visit one business profile in a single day. A huge portion of them has looked out of business profiles. It’s enough why Instagram is the best place to enhance your business within a short period. 

11. Adults Usage on Instagram:

14% of US adults use Instagram for many purposes like entertainment, searching for any brand or information, etc. For instance, 62% of Women make up products are mostly searched on Instagram. Hereby, more chances are to add new consumers. 


Before starting the business on Instagram, you should know about the platform and its importance. I hope that now you get a clear idea about Instagram and begin to work now!