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How To Use TikTok Ads In 2022

TikTok is a social video platform and a majority of audiences belong to the Gen-Z group who just love to watch new content. Each TikTok ad runs for 60 seconds and usually includes a video, a display image, an app or brand name and an ad text. As per recent statistics, TikTok ads gain reach from a majority of 18+ age out of total TikTok users spanning more than 800 million. This is a clear signal that businesses should be serious about being visible on TikTok. 

Types Of TikTok Ads

There are different types of ads to create on the TikTok platform like In-feed ads, Image ads, Video ads, Spark ads, Pangle ads, Carousel ads ,etc. Besides these types, there are ad formats that are available only to managed brands. A person from the brand side will need to communicate and coordinate with a TikTok sales representative. TopView ads, Branded hashtag challenge and  Branded effects are the ad types that only managed brands have access to. Minimum budgets for ad campaigns is $50 USD (daily) and $50USD (lifetime). Never worry if you don’t have a budget for running ads.   You can go with the free choices namely the In-feed ads, branded hashtag challenges. Gaining engagement for your product videos is an efficient way to improve brand presence. A fine way to accomplish this is to buy TikTok likes real and instant for your videos which will result in massive views, shares and comments for your post.

TikTok Ad Best Practices

Follow Mixed Style

Instead of sticking to a single style, you can juggle with two to three styles that spice up your creative. Also you need to follow a transition in your style every seven days once to prevent your audience from getting bored. TikTok recommends placing different scenes with B-roll or transition footage.

Hit On The Nail

Though TikTok allows a maximum of 60 seconds for ads, shortening them between 21 to 34 seconds is a perfect hook that will capture more audiences. You need to attract the audience in the first 3 to 10 seconds of the ad as well as convey about the key highlights of your products and services. 

Use Captions & Audio

Recent studies report that over 90% of top performing videos on TikTok include audio and more than 72% said that they would pause to see any ad that contained audio. Fast videos with audio are said to receive the highest view rate. Captions and text are important things that increase the engagement rate of a TikTok video. Using a call to action with a text overlay is a smart way to gain high views for auctions.

 Be Genuine & Positive

TikTok is all about entertaining and educating your audience through fun and creative ways. Just keep in mind that TikTok is not the place to post savage and moody kind of content. Though TikTok is a place to attract more people and convert them to customers, don’t do that with force. Posting user generated content in your ads helps you exhibit the human side of your brand. 

How To Boost A TikTok Ad

  • Go To Your TikTok profile and click the three line icon to move to settings.
  • Tap Creator Tools
  • Click Promote
  • Choose the video that you wish to promote.
  • Select the goal that matches your requirement like more video views, increased website traffic, or boost followers count for your TikTok profile.
  • Carefully select your audience, budget and duration.
  • Click Next.
  • Input your payment information and click “Start Promotion”.


There is no one size fit all formula concerning TikTok ads. You’ve just got to mix the right combo of hashtag challenges, audio, influencer team ups , top view ads,etc to gain massive reach on TikTok.